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Andrés y Bárbara


Andrés describes himself as Peruvian by birth but Mexican at heart and in the process of adoption. He is 34 years old and studied communication sciences with a specialization in history and social sciences. He worked as a teacher until 2021. Since then, he has dedicated himself to one of his great passions: writing. He would like to publish his first book titled “Raras historias de sexo y amor” (Strange Stories of Sex and Love), based on personal experiences and Korean stories.

Additionally, Andrés loves research, reading, and philosophy. His favorite color is green, and he enjoys theater, cinema, listening to music, and going for walks to reflect.

Andrés was a victim of psychological and physical abuse, as well as attempted homicide because of his homosexuality. At Casa Frida, he found the support he needed, like a true helping hand. In this space, Andrés feels safe, protected, and, above all, happy because, for the first time, he can express himself as he is without fear of judgment or rejection.

Bárbara Lázara

Bárbara works at the intersection of sound, theater, and social practices, focusing on the role that language plays in the colonization and suppression of epistemic peripheries. As a singer, she convenes choirs made up of interdisciplinary profiles to promote collective intersections between the performing arts, activism, and science.

Bárbara is currently a fellow in the prestigious DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program and her work has been supported by local and international grants and institutions such as Iberescena, FONCA, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has made appearances at a dozen international festivals, presentations, and workshops in Mexico, the United States, and Europe. More recently, she participated in The Listening Biennial (2021), a global project that seeks the curatorial construction of shared resonances and polyvocal manifestations.


Safe Conduct, 2023


HDF, wood, acrylic, and paint

210h x 90w x 3.50d cm