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Puertas de Esperanza




Doors of Hope is an initiative that seeks to make visible the resilience, courage, and effort of members of the LGBTIQ+ community who had to flee their homes due to physical or psychological violence, leaving one door behind to open new ones in search of authenticity.
Through a collaborative effort between the LLYC Foundation, the Casa Frida refuge, and the renowned Hilario Galguera Gallery, the project brings together LGBTIQ+ community members with various national and international artists to reinterpret their stories using the doors of the houses that closed on them as a canvas.

The intervened doors will be exhibited from November 15, 2023 to January 13, 2024 at the Hilario Galguera Gallery and will be for sale with the aim of raising funds for Casa Frida.



Your donations to Doors of Hope are crucial to continue providing safe spaces with housing, care, and health attention for LGBTIQ+ community members. Each contribution, big or small, makes a difference and brings us one step closer to an inclusive and diverse world.
Let’s help more people from the LGBT+ community find open doors in their search for authenticity with the support of Casa Frida.
80% of the proceeds from the sale of the doors exhibited at the Hilario Galguera Gallery will go towards the expansion and improvement of Casa Frida, while the remaining 20% will support the artists in advancing their professional careers.

The Foundation LLYC, established in 2016, is a project of LLYC and its professionals, whose mission is to create social value through communication and transformative creativity based on the expertise of our professionals. The Foundation LLYC  is a reality thanks to more than 1,100 professionals from LLYC and their strong commitment in the 12 countries where the company operates, to contribute with their knowledge to projects with a positive social impact in order to transform realities with their most creative ideas

Casa Frida is a safe space located in Mexico City, which carries out strategic work on the southern border strip, rescuing and providing housing, care and health attention, comprehensive accompaniment, and psychosocial services to LGBTIQ+ people fleeing extreme violence, persecuted and displaced by organized crime, migrants and/or asylum seekers in Mexico for humanitarian reasons, young people who are expelled from their homes because of their sexual orientation, identity and/or gender expression, including people with HIV and other key populations, as well as survivors of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity (ECOSIG).

The Hilario Galguera Gallery opened in Mexico City in 2006 as a space for discussion and promotion of contemporary Mexican and international art. Since then, it has exhibited and disseminated the work of artists characterized by relevant and complex proposals at a conceptual, social, political, and formal level, as well as by their rigor and aesthetic precision.

The machine room was conceived by Hilario Galguera in 2010 in Berlin, as a platform of unlimited possibilities, oriented to the inclusion of independent and experimental projects, for which the site or duration is determined based on the specific needs of each one.