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Greta e Israel


Greta is 28 years old and hails from Honduras. She had to leave her home country along with her brother and some friends, fleeing out of fear that someone might want to end their lives because they belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

From a young age, she felt attraction to men; however, being part of a deeply religious family, she had to suppress her feelings and desires from a young age to avoid being judged as a sinner by her own family. After experiencing a period of depression and attempting, unsuccessfully, to take her own life, she decided to live a life away from people to avoid the hatred she received.

Over the years, her brother also revealed himself as a person who is part of the sexual diversity, and faced with constant attacks, Greta and her brother left their home. After several attacks and losing their jobs, Greta and her brother left their country in search of a safe space.

Israel González

Israel González is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work explores mystical, esoteric, and Kabbalistic themes using a variety of techniques, including painting, collage, serigraphy, and traditional and digital printing. His pieces incorporate elements of pop art, influences from classic Japanese prints, as well as archetypes, arcana, and playful and imaginary elements that emerge from his creative unconscious. With this fusion of influences, González creates works that invite reflection and contemplation of the universe.

González holds a degree in Graphic Design with a specialization in Visual Communication. His professional experience spans from film production to interior design and architecture, which led him to discover his own aesthetic focused on harmony, the golden ratio, and geometry.


Eye of Horus, 2023


HDF, wood, acrylic, and ultraviolet paint on aluminum

210h x 90w x 3.50d cm