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Itzamani y Denisse


Itzamani’s story begins like any other, but with the particularity of having been born in a different body. She grew up in a family surrounded by problems where at the age of four, she discovered her interest in makeup and fashion, receiving rejections. During her school years, she fought against her gender identity, leading her to question and research transsexuality. At that time, music became a safe space to express her true identity.

Upon reaching adulthood, she decided to be loyal to herself, revealing her gender identity to her family, which caused conflicts, especially with her mother. She began hormone replacement therapy and experienced the happiness of being recognized for her true identity and gender expression. Over time, she met Gustavo, who led her to an abusive relationship marked by physical and emotional abuse. She felt trapped in a very toxic bond that crushed her self-esteem and led her to consume harmful substances that gradually degraded her life.

Finally, one day, she realized that she had to flee that situation and asked for help from the police. She was taken to the hospital and later, with the help of Casa Frida, was able to find a safe place and experience freedom. She learned to accept herself and fight for what she deserved.

Denisse Noriega

Denisse is an artist who has her roots in exploring her own background, based on the complexity of heritage and the assumed norms that refer to memory, history, literature, painting, cinema, and lived reality.

She considers herself a visual anthropologist, cataloging and studying these experiences. Whether she knows it or not, the idealization of the “feminine” has always been at the center of her consciousness. Her early ideals of beauty and accepted attitudes were shaped and created through photographs in fashion magazines, television characters, and movie protagonists.


TRANSition, 2023

TRANSición, 2023


HDF, wood, acrylic, and paint

Dimensions: 210h x 90w x 3.50d cm/p>

Catalog Number: DN001

Price: $14,000.0