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Ángel y Yupica


Ángel, originally from Venezuela and a licensed Intensive Care Nurse, is 43 years old and, as a migrant, has traveled through six countries fleeing violence and a constant fear of death for trying to express himself. As a Venezuelan and as part of an excluded community for many years, he has been one of the transgender individuals who have had to hide in the closet to avoid violence.

Since his arrival in Mexico and with the support of Casa Frida, along with various organizations, he has been able to rebuild his life and start laying the foundations for a future he hopes to share with his family. Ángel is happy and proud of himself, as he has gradually stabilized parts of his life. He has regulated his immigration status and been recognized as a refugee, found a job where he can work in a field he loves (caring for the health of people in his community), and secured a dignified place to live.

The dream he longs for the most, and which he gets closer to every day, is to reunite with his family, sharing and living together in a new home.


Yupica, an artist of Japanese origin based in Mexico City, is an explorer of contemporary spirituality in the global context. Through tools such as animation software and organic and chemical materials, Yupica cultivates mutable forms that challenge preconceived boundaries of the self. His worldview is shaped by his experiences of growing up in a suburb of Tokyo, where the coexistence of the rural and the urban influenced his perspective on the world.

The artist embraces the concept of technoanimism, which recognizes spirit in humans, animals, nature, and artificial beings, and in his work, he explores the polymorphic potential that ignores boundaries between all entities. Yupica and his team constantly research, experiment, and develop new forms of expression, such as “ricegraphy,” “sculptural body with animation,” and “multidimensional projection.


A Door Without a Lock, 2023


HDF, wood, acrylic, and ultraviolet paint on aluminum

210h x 90w x 3.50d cm